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MassLib's GC Enhancers
  • MassLib provides assistance to recognize coelutions. It even finds overlapping binary mixture components in a single search (Identity regrouped). 
  • MassLib allows easy tagging of peaks with names and stores this information in the analysis file. 
  • MassLib finds metabolites, homologues and decomposition products easily even if their spectra are not visually alike. 
  • MassLib allows to use and store retention indices
  • MassLib is able to search and print semiautomatically
  • MassLib allows to overlap (scaled) chromatograms in reports
  • MassLib comes with a nice report editor. Three-character abbreviations produce full sentences. Multipage reports are permissable and storeable. 
MassLib offers these tools without sacrificing the ease of use by providing a modern intuitive graphical user interface. Even the boring moving around from objects to buttons and back to objects is unnecessary to a big extent. Popup menues and doubleclick shortcuts provide the convenience and fun saving precious time to attack the real problems. The result is a higher scientific success in less time.
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